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Our goal in producing this newsletter is to keep our clients, consultants, students and

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This newsletter will also be a companion to the VRI ToolKit. The VRI Toolkit is intended to be a quick reference guide to the standard Lean and Six Sigma tools used for improving operational efficiency, business processes, improve performance and cost reduction.

There are a multitude of tools that can be used in a Lean Six Sigma initiative or deployment. The toolkit and our newsletter uses DMAIC icons to help show where different tools could be used in the different stages of the DMAIC process.

Since we want the newsletter to be as relevant as possible to your Lean Six Sigma and Business Consulting needs, we look forward to hearing your comments. If you want you can participate by writing an article or sharing your project experiences.

What would you like to see from our newsletters? Please e-mail us with your thoughts and ideas at [email protected]

We will not inundate your inbox and only post bi-monthly and you can catch up on any missed posts on our website.


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