The Comprehensive Project Management Workshop 

Duration: 5 Days

Workshop size:  5 to 15 participants,

An essential program to boost project management expertise in just five days.

In this week-long situational learning program, you will examine a complete range of advanced PM competencies and methods and learn a common and precise language to communicate and define project needs effectively. In addition, you will acquire skills to resolve project issues through an alignment with the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This seminar will help you roadmap your project management career under the guidance of an expert practitioner.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply your project management approach using the fundamental concepts of project management in the PMBOK® Guide

  • Build the key deliverables and structure to get your project started effectively and efficiently

  • Develop a comprehensive and appropriate project management plan as a blueprint to effective project execution

  • Prepare to implement the project plan by managing, coordinating, and collaborating with the project team and key project stakeholders

  • Develop and implement a plan to close the project and transition ongoing product support to operations

Who Should Attend:

Project Managers with at least three years of professional project management experience, during which 4,500 hours have been spent leading and directing project tasks.

Course Customizations and Durations: VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule. 

VRI Project Management Workshops
Keys for Project Success
Change Management

Project Management WORKSHOPS

Our Workshop Program(s) are leading examples in enterprise learning and provide a comprehensive, flexible approach to building a portfolio of integrated skills for leadership and management. By using leading, cost-effective programming and philosophies and by providing a solution tailored to our client's needs, we can help increase productivity, understand the processes and bottlenecks and ultimately improve organizational outcomes and support budget control’s.


We are an acknowledged leader and innovator in enterprise learning. We have business, industry, training and technology skills unmatched in the marketplace.

Practical Project Management Workshop 

Duration: 2 Days

Workshop size:  5 to 15 participants,

Our clients asked for a common sense approach to Project Management and we responded. Tackling today's project focused environment requires a straightforward, down to earth approach. In our most popular program you will learn practical, effective tools, and proven processes that will ensure your projects stay on track and your deliverables are achieved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish effective communication lines from the start

  • Develop concise intended outcomes and deliverables

  • Build a Project Charter that is simple, yet effective in getting your projects off to the right start

  • Recognize and prevent common Project Management problems

  • Use criteria to determine your tasks and measure the project

  • Identify and evaluate risks and contingencies

  • Effectively determine resource requirements

  • Use a Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt Chart and Network Diagram to manage your project

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of personnel in a wide range of industries, functional areas, and levels, such as

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Service industries

  • Non-financial and financial professionals

  • Operations

  • Business process functional areas (e.g. HR, IT, Finance, etc.)


Course Customizations and Durations: VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule. 

VRI Project Management Workshops
Keys for Project Success
Improving Your Project Management Skills Workshop 

Duration: 3 Days

Workshop size:  5 to 15 participants,

Build a solid foundation of project management knowledge, techniques and tools in this hands-on workshop that covers the entire project life cycle.

Many people filling a project manager role have minimal formal project management training. In this seminar, you will learn and practice the critical tools and techniques that have been proven necessary for project management success. This skills-based course provides the practical knowledge, tools and techniques to improve your project quality and performance right away. This course content aligns with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) framework

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the basic Project Management Framework and discuss it in a business context

  • Initiate a project with SMART requirements, a strong project charter and effective research techniques

  • Develop an effective Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Estimate and schedule work with structured techniques to meet realistic timelines

  • Understand and implement the components of budgeting for a project

  • Complete the project plan and execute with reassurance and confidence

  • Close a project effectively with adequate follow-ups and closing procedures

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who are new to project management, “accidental” project managers (professionals for whom PM is a secondary part of their jobs), business analysts, subject-matter experts from any field who contribute to projects, managers responsible for projects and experienced project managers looking to review current tools, techniques, and processes.

Course Customizations and Durations: VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule. 

VRI Project Management Workshops
Keys for Project Success
Proper Allocation of Time
Project Team Leadership Workshop 

Duration: 3 Days

Workshop size:  5 to 15 participants,

Build team commitment and achieve more project successes using enhanced leadership and communication skills.

The demands of a project leadership role are unique. You must learn how to serve both the needs of your team members with the needs of the project—not an easy task. Project leadership requires a blend of soft skills, such as communication and motivation, along with the bottom-line capabilities of project management.

This course will teach you how to master the project leadership skills that can help you build team commitment and create a more predictable project environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build a high-performing team and create commitment to assist your team in meeting its deadlines

  • Communicate more clearly within the project environment, including giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • Delegate more successfully as a project manager

  • Facilitate effective meetings, including presenting an options paper to get the team or stakeholders to make a decision

  • Manage various types of communications throughout the project life cycle

  • Resolve conflicts to keep the team committed and on track

  • Negotiate more effectively, understanding how to better utilize various influencing styles

Who Should Attend:

Project Managers, Team or Project Leaders and Program Managers with at least three years of experience on a professional project team.

Course Customizations and Durations: VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule.