Lean Logistics & Supply Chain

Lean & Six Sigma has become a strategic method for gaining competitive advantage and for increasing margins, not just for manufacturers, but also for retailers, wholesalers and service providers along the entire Supply Chain. Adding value and removing waste are no longer just options for businesses, they have become part of normal daily practice. 

One of the most difficult problems in logistics is the balance between the speed and flow of products and services into and out of production in order to meet demand, and the cost incurred in providing those processes. Lean & Six Sigma can resolve these issues by maximizing the capabilities and balancing their contribution to logistics excellence, leading to overall enterprise success.

Expertise in inventory reduction, process improvement, working capital improvements, supply chain efficiency, logistics cost reduction & total optimization of material and information flow.

Helping you Watch your

Waste Line

This practical workshop reveals how to identify and eliminate waste in your organization's supply chain and logistics function. The workshop provides explanations of both basic and advanced Lean tools, as well as specific Lean deployment opportunities and methodology with critical Key Factors for Success. Real-world examples and case studies demonstrate how to effectively use this powerful strategy to realize significant, long-term improvements and bottom-line savings. 

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Waste in the traditional sense can still be found in most companies, even across different functions. It is important to remember that to truly eliminate waste, in a sustainable manner Lean & Six Sigma principles and methodologies must be implemented throughout the enterprise.


For sustainable change all product development and/or service areas, suppliers, distributors, customers and management must partake and commit to the transformational process.