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Our Associates

VRI takes great pride in our well seasoned Associates that we offer for your business training needs. Not only are they all Master Black Belt trained, but they are experts in their industry fields. Each possess extensive work backgrounds as a forefront to their resumes followed by Lean Six Sigma Specialized Training and Facilitation Experience.

VRI Associates

What makes our Associates Instructional Approach noteworthy?

Approachable consultants with extensive industry experience Instructors are not always available before , after or during the class to answer questions
Consultants are all former Tier II consultants working previously for Air Academy Associates and others  Many Lean and Six Sigma consultants are not well balanced in tool knowledge AND instruction / applications experience
Consultant fees are often half the price of the competition Fees range from $3500 - $4500 / day typically
California based instructors available for ETP funding Many consultants are NOT California based therefore not qualified for ETP funding
All of our Associates are Seasoned Veterans Many consultants out there are new to Lean Six Sigma and do not posses much familiarity with Lean Six Sigma practices
Experts in field due to years of industry training Others are hiring consultants straight out of college with little or no industry training